Invoicing for freelancers: Tips and tools

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The great thing about being a freelancer is that you can work for anyone, anywhere! But a word of caution for anyone taking on work in different countries – as this usually ends up with a fee being taken out of your final payment. This varies depending on the transaction and how it is processed, as well as the country. Before sending an invoice to a client, be sure that you know who should be receiving the invoice.


You can find this number by logging into your online banking account. Including a unique number for each invoice is a good way to keep organised if you need to find or refer to any in future. One way to do this is to base your invoice number on dates, which can make it easter to locate the exact month and year of an invoice.

Include Your Terms

The marketing invoice template helps marketing freelancers and agencies create simple and effective invoices in minutes. The free invoice generator allows them to create an invoice with only a few clicks and watch the billing process unfold with one click of a button. Sending out invoices is really just the start of the process. You’ll also need to have a system for recording payments as they are received. This way you’ll be able to easily, and accurately, see who has paid you and what invoices are outstanding or past due. There are plenty of online invoicing tools and apps available that have been created with designers and freelancers in mind.

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Best freelance tools for creatives: make 2023 your best year yet.

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So, be very careful when you look for the best suitable graphic design invoice template and make sure it is customizable, easy to send, and does not have any hidden fees. Using TrulySmall’s designer invoices will ensure you don’t miss any critical items related to design work. Now that you are following all the above-given steps to create professional-looking stylish graphic design invoice templates to bill your clients and want to get paid on time. Here are some more tips that you can follow along with the steps you are going to take while creating an invoice.


We’ve got a variety of templates you can go through to help you design one for your business. Bonsai’s templates for graphic designers offer distinctly brilliant designs for your invoices. While adding a few tweaks to your invoice may not seem necessary, your client may just be happy to see your skills and expertise in graphic design translated onto your invoice. Even though no freelancer would like the idea of getting paid late, but the strains of such a job would make the worker want to automate the process of invoice making. Besides, the calculations of the charges need to be accurate in order for the payment to be done smoothly, and they are bound to be error prone if the mind is worn out.

  • The logo can be centered at the top of the page, set flush left or right.
  • Remember that your invoice should be simple to use and easy enough for the client to read and understand.
  • But, try to switch them to the other system as quickly as possible for both of your benefit.
  • Choose a tax region to generate a template with the taxes from that region already set.
  • This will also help you and the client monitor what has already been paid and the amount outstanding, thus maintaining an up-to-date record of payments and completed tasks.

Thus, you need to come up with a way of monitoring and organizing your The reason is if you underpriced your services, you are more likely to attract cheap clients who give you long and tedious jobs and then disappear without even paying a cent. Clients can refuse to pay or might be inclined to make late payments if they are surprised by any information on your invoices.

What should I include on my designer invoice?

If you don’t get paid within 30 days, or the agreed terms are ignored – it’s crucial to start chasing right away. Send a statement to remind the client that payment is now due. If you hear nothing back, pick up the phone and request an update. There is no exact format that you should use for your invoice, but certain items are expected. By law, you must include your name, address and VAT number plus the name and postal address of the client in question.

  • While not directly tied to payments, a visually-pleasing invoice that aligns with your brand tells a clear and professional story.
  • There are plenty of invoicing software on the market that will help you create convincing invoices, so you probably don’t need to worry about choosing the right one.
  • Again, you can have your company’s logo included on top of the graphic design invoice template Excel to make it look more presentable.
  • First, it clarifies the fact that you not only run a professional but also a well-established business.
  • You can also communicate with the client in advance to avoid any kind of conflict.

Without a due date it can be difficult to assess any How To Invoice As A Freelance Designer fees or to establish that a client has not paid on time. Due dates are helpful even for your clients that always pay on time, as it can help them to know what you expect and when they will need to process the payment. Quickbooks includes a wealth of features to track income, collect payments, and invoice clients.

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